“I had no idea how to even get started when it came to getting my motorbike licence in Vietnam. I’m from Australia, and although I knew how to ride a bike, I thought it would be an ordeal going through the licencing process in Vietnam. Paul explained it all so well though in his guide, and I got my licence within two weeks! – Damien Vos

“I already had a motorbike licence in the UK and knew I wanted to ride a motorbike once I got to Vietnam. I wanted to find out how it could be done, but wasn’t too keen on talking to a million and one people in a language I’m not proficient in. Paul’s book explained it all so well, in easy-to-read English. I got my licence with no trouble at all with the help of this book.” – Patrick Smythe

“The process of getting my motorbike licence in Vietnam freaked me out. I couldn’t speak the language and just thought it would be impossible trying to get my licence. Then I found Paul’s book and it helped me do it in just a month or so. Highly recommended! Thanks Paul!” – David Naylor

“My experience obtaining my licence was really rather good. It was still a slight struggle here and there and the medical was even less vigorous than you suggested but it made the whole process so much easier.” – Robert (United Kingdom)

“Paul, Thank you for your excellent service. Also when it meant that you (probably) wouldn’t get the business. I’ve decided to pay my way out of trouble, so I’ll buy a motorbike instead. I’m indeed traveling on a long trip around the world, trying to have fun and learn something in the voyage. All the best to you and thanks again for you advice.” – Gijs (Holland)