My Interview with Voicu Mihnea Simandan

Here’s an interview I did recently with Voicu Mihnea Simandan on his A Romanian in Bangkok blog…

Voicu Mihnea Simandan: What made you leave your native country and become an expatriate?

Paul Simos: It was time for a change. I had been working and living all my life in Australia and I wanted to have some new and different experiences. Australia is a lovely country and I think by travelling to other counties and having a comparison you can appreciate what you already have. It was an opportunity for me to grow and expand to see how other people in different countries live.

Voicu Mihnea Simandan: Why did you choose Vietnam?

Paul Simos: Part of the process of travelling overseas is that you will need to generate some form of income to fund your trip. I decided to teach English as a back up to my current career. The school through which I obtained my credentials was already in Vietnam at the time and they were seeking teachers as the demand was rather high and they could guarantee as much work as I wanted. I decided to start in Vietnam to gain some experience and then start travelling into other Asian countries once I was ready.

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