Motorbike Horn Signals

In Vietnam using the horn on your motorbike can mean many different things. In other countries it may just mean one or two things like ” careful I am next to you” or “#%*# you just cut me off”.

So lets have a look at some of the different times that the Vietnamese use there horns to indicate a certain action.

1) Traffic Lights

While waiting at traffic lights to turn green motorcyclists behind you will toot their horns once or twice to those up front, who may not be able to see the traffic lights, to let them know the lights are green and it is OK to get moving.

Also, if you are waiting at traffic lights on the far right of the lane and you are tooted a few times it may mean the person behind you wants to turn right before the lights turn green so move out of his way.

2) Riding in the flow of the traffic

When riding in traffic there are a few horn signals to be aware of. The first is when someone may be very close behind you and they may want to pass they will toot there horn a few times to let you know they are there so don’t make any sudden moves as they are coming through.

Secondly if someone is in a big hurry they will blast there horn continuously in succession to let you know to move out of their way as they are coming through and they will not stop for anyone. When that happens just slightly move to the right and let them pass.

Also when riders are going towards the traffic on the wrong side of the road they sound their horn to let you know they are there.

Ride safely.