Leaving Australia / Arriving in Vietnam

I arrived in Vietnam, from Australia, on the 29th November 2009 on the start of a 2 year plus sabbatical. I chose Vietnam due to the fact it was a developing country and I wanted to experience the growth, culture, love and warmth of the Vietnamese people.

Soon after I arrived it became evident to me that Vietnam was truly in the early stages of development. Trying to organize the most simplest things in Vietnam (for English speakers) such as ordering a meal, getting directions, trying to find suitable accommodation were all very challenging.

One of the most obvious examples of this was when I wanted to apply for a motorcycle licence. There were so many conflicting stories about who was eligible for a licence and how to apply for one. Even the Vietnamese people here were not sure themselves how to go about it.

I could see a real need to help English speakers short cut the process of setting themselves up here in Vietnam to make their stay more enjoyable and safe.

I decided to start with how to apply for a motorcycle licence in Vietnam for a number of reasons. Based on my own experience I wanted to see as much of Vietnam as possible and the best way to do this was by having my own transport. Another important reason is that if you are riding a motorcycle in Vietnam it is illegal to do so without a licence. If you were to have an accident, depending on your travel insurance terms and conditions, you may not be covered which is a serious predicament to be in.

I would love to hear your feed back. If you have any ideas or areas that you would like more information about please shoot me an email and I will see what I can do to help.

Warm regards,

Paul Simos