Helmets Save Lives

In 2007 there were 12,800 deaths on the roads in Vietnam due to road traffic accidents according to official statistics. Other reports say that these figures could be under estimated by about 30%.

In August of 2008 it was recorded that 26 million vehicles were registered in Vietnam and 95% of these were motorbikes. There are almost 9000 new motorcycles on the roads each day. An estimated 60% of all traffic fatalities occur among motorcycle riders and passengers.

Current statistics for vehicle accidents is around 14,000 a year.

Motorbike helmets are a very effective road safety device which helps prevents the frequency and severity of head injuries resulting from road crashes. Helmet use reduces the risk of motorcycle injuries by 69% and motorcycle fatalities by 42%.

On the 29th of June 2007 the Vietnamese government released resolution 32, a decree that made it mandatory in Vietnam for all motorcycle riders and passengers to wear a helmet on all roads from the 15th December 2007. Due to the legislation and discrepancy in the law, children seem to be exempt from this law. Police don’t enforce fines for children not wearing helmets.

Now that helmets are mandatory for all riders and passengers of motorcycles we need to look at the quality of helmets. In Vietnam the most common helmet used is made of plastic and only cost about 30,000 – 40,000 vnd. These helmets are a long way away from protecting your head if you were to have a serious accident. It is the law to wear a helmet but the type and quality does not appear to be a factor.

Full face helmets are the best option which will not only protect your head but will also keep your jaw and face safe as well. These helmets can be purchased at any registered motorbike dealership. You will pay a few extra dollars but for the protection of your head it is definitely worth the investment.